Red Dirt Radio Hour

3-10-13The Red Dirt Radio Hour rises like a phoenix from the ashes and makes its triumphant return on Oklahoma’s very own KOSU! Join Brad and Coop while they spin some red dirt, new stuff, old stuff and lots of vinyl selections from a real turntable.

The Red Dirt Radio Hour features tunes from that elusive stew known as Red Dirt Music, a combination of all of the different musical styles and influences that have come through Oklahoma since statehood. Broadcasting from the birthplace of Red Dirt, Stillwater, OK, hosts Brad Piccolo and John Cooper offer a unique perspective on this music. As founding members of the Red Dirt Rangers, for the last 25 years they have traveled the country from coast to coast and border to border, and spread the gospel of Red Dirt internationally.

On the Red Dirt Radio Hour, they play current and original Red Dirt artists, as well as artists who were influential in its creation. No one can put a finger on exactly what Red Dirt music is—which is part of its beauty—but Brad and John take listeners on a one hour voyage each week of all that was, is, and will be Red Dirt Music.

John and Brad at the KOSU studio